#WCW @bmwsuicide

By Sharon Bantock

#WCW @bmwsuicide

S/O to the absolute babe Brittany Maria AKA @bmwsuicide for those of you in up on your Suicide Girl trivia.

This hot momma killed it in her latest set by paring our Fifth Element Harness along with our Strap Queen Leg Harness and looked FIRE.

I love seeing our clients all strapped up. Our harnesses are definitely a statement so when they're put on, your confidence so noticeably radiates through.

Brittany Maria is daily inspiration for any of us questioning our comfort zone. Thanks for supporting Untitled&Co Brittany! We lust over your photo sets and hope you keep them coming!

Sharon is one of the newer members of the Untitled & Co fam, killin’ it as Key Holder. She’s infatuated with all things pink, particularly her favourite baby pink Jason T, and almost has more fun playing dress up than having sex. Like the rest of us at Untitled, Sharon loves making new friends so hit her up on the gram and check her in @shar.xo_