How You Get So Fly Vol 2.6

By Faith Wyant

All Shook Up

Lovesless Hat

we love this one because of the pretty little daisy decal. simple, timeless, cute; you can't go wrong. hats carry a lot of style with them in general and this one will definitely pull your all black look together... or any look for that matter.

Insufferable Tee 

comfy as fuck, good to wear when you're just kickin it and need a cool tee shirt that says "I'm intellectual and edgy."

The Devil Made Me Do It Hoodie

...but he didn't make you do shit, let's be honest it's all you. and that's just fine because we love this hoodie (and you) no matter what. the skeleton hands in prayer are fun too. A little gothic nod to all you 6 gods.

Nothing Special Long Sleeve

Models: @cyberbabyfaith @grandmadeathh

Photos: @williamdarc


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Faith a.k.a CyberBabyFaith to those who know her from the shallows of the Internet is our insta-famous Key Holder. When she’s not being all fly on social media, Faith can be found dominating the gaming scene, getting straight A’s in engineering classes or working on her witchcraft. She claims to be as good as Glinda but watch your back, or she might just cast a spell on you. Get viral with her @cyberbabyfaith