How You Get So Fly 2.1

By Ellie Blondeau


Mmmmmm…. do y’all smell that? So cool…so crisp…YAAAAAS GANG! This is the smell of pumpkin spice EVERYTHING as we turn over a new leaf (no pun intended) and fall (OK, pun slightly intended) into October! This is the season where us ladies can embrace the basic, flannel-wearing betch that’s inside all of us and our menz can finally stop pretending that they don't like to cuddle. So I know you’re all wondering… just how do I get so fly for fall?

It's officially sweater weather gang! Now is THE time to proudly rock the classic, simple and incredibly stylish Untitled&Co hoodie. This hoodie is the ultimate in comfy and as soft as Drake. Once you snuggle up in one, the fuzzy interior fleece makes up for all the hugs you missed out on as a child. Get your very own Untitled&Co cropped or full length hoodie to seriously impress all the strangers that you don't care about on social media. Right now, we have delicious fall colours in stock like burgundy, military green, navy blue and chocolate brown.


Styling tips: BABES

Our full length Logo Hoodie is definitely ideal for hours of lounging around the house while binge watching horror movie marathons on Netflix. When you're finally ready for actual human interaction, just throw on a pair of leggings or skinny ripped jeans and voilà you are now a fabulous street-chic goddess ready to slay! You can also dress up your hoodie for a night out in a heartbeat. No pants are the best pants, so why not pair your hoodie with our Strap Queen leg harness to create the iconic Untitled Babe look. It's my party and I'll rock my hoodie if I want to!

Let's not forget our cropped hoodies! Not only are they adorable, but they are an absolute must-have accessory in your closet for those chilly fall evenings. Pair it with high-wasted leggings, or layer it over a little black dress to create an outfit that perfectly blends low maintenance and high fashion. Who says you can't be comfy and cute?

Styling tips: BROS

Calling all men who don't want to overthink what they are going to wear, but totally do. Our hoodies are your answer. You’re welcome.



With out a doubt piece will become a staple in your wardrobe. I can also promise you that your girlfriend will absolutely find a way to claim it as her own. If you’re not wifed up yet then wearing this bad boy will totally help you score a bae! I’ll let you guys in on a little secret regarding that stylish yet effortless look you’re all dying over: LAYERING. That’s right boys! Channel your inner Yeezy and layer a longer tank or tall-tee underneath your hoodie to complete the look! We have crazy dope Velvet Tee's and Tanks by Fuckin Intelligent Fucks in store rn which look especially dope under our crop hoodies.  Don’t be scared! Crops aren't just for the ladies and are the ultimate layering necessity.


All of our hoodies and other fabulous fall items are available for purchase at our store location at 438 Queen Street West, or you can cop em online right here! Our hoodies are one of our most coveted items, so come visit us before they disappear! 

Photos by: Untitled&Co
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Ellie is our resident Frenchie hailing from Quebec City (oui oui!). An avid singer/songwriter, Ellie’s baby angel voice can be heard harmonizing when the Weeknd comes on the Untitled speakers. Music, fashion, art and all things creative keep her motivated while, Sauvignon Blanc keeps her breathing. Check her slaying in her fav Lulo Crops @ellieblondeau