How You Get So Fly 2.0

By Jenna LaRose

Elegant Trap

I get that the weather is starting to get colder, but I strongly believe in the “ask believe receive” notion of projecting my hopes out into the universe and having them returned. So with this logic in mind, running around naked in dropping temperatures would theoretically prevent winter from coming.


If you’re as psychotic as me, our Maija Bra/Candy Panty sets are the ultimate for fall frolicking. My personal fav is the black neoprene set as it can double as a swimsuit (totally appropriate for October weather). We also have sets in baby pink, baby blue and sand for all our pastel princesses.


For the rest of you that are slightly more down to earth, our comfy-cozy hoodies are perfect to throw on top of our sets to stay toasty. We’ve recently teamed up with two of our hommies @o_billz and @herbalistj to create an exclusive collaboration of hoodies and T’s affectionately dubbed Elegant Trap.

Dropped on the Untitled floor just last week, these babies are flying off the racks! So hurry up and get your cute butts here soon if you want to cop one before they’re all gone!

Jenna < @xo_littlej >
Since starting with us in May, our Assistant Manager Jenna and Untitled&Co have become synonymous. She can almost always be found having a solo dance party in the store windows or on the snap rocking every colour of Logo Crop Hoodie. In the off chance that she’s not running shit on the sales floor, meeting with our amazing consigners, or telling her staff how beautiful they are, LittleJ can probably be found in her boyfriend’s basement working on her own collection of wearable art (dropping soon-times at Untitled&Co!) She loves matching her Maija Bras to her Candy Panties, headbanging to heavy bass and puppy play dates with her Blue Heeler and Goldendoodle. Follow her #untitledandcolifestyle @xo_littlej