Art is Cool x WILLIAM DARC

By Sharon Bantock

Untitled&Co X William Darc

WILLIAM DARC is a Toronto genius of all trades; from styling to singing to photography, but most notably, editing. I recently had the opportunity shoot with Darc and mega babe @LVLPLATINUM. The combination of Untitled's streetwear with Darc's moody, sensual photography resulted in photo set that turned out so good, I can barely believe it's me!
Take a look...
Stayed tuned for more collabs to come with Untitled&Co X William Darc!
photos: @williamdarc
Sharon kills it as the Untitled&Co floor manager. She’s infatuated with all things pink, particularly her favourite baby pink Jason T, and almost has more fun playing dress up than having sex. Like the rest of us at Untitled, Sharon loves making new friends so hit her up on the gram and check her in @shar.xo_