How You Get So Fly VOL VI

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How You Get So Fly VOL VI

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favourite time of the year, so I had to dedicate this post to the tradition. You’ve seen our pinks, prints, and winter whites, but bad girls have a dark side too. Featuring t-shirts by Untitled&Co. and Nikki Lipstick, there is sure to be one for your dark side as well. 


"Satan's School for Girls" is one of my favourite prints by Nikki Lipstick, her tees usually have a design and colour scheme that is cute and girly, which contrasts the text.

I < 3 Satan 

YRU’s Labyrinth are great for fall to pair with thigh high socks to keep you extra warm, especially with skirts. The front platform is high but thick, making the pitch less steep. The inside of the leg band has a small amount of grip, ensuring they never fall below the knee.

Strap Queen (click for our new collection!)

Our new Bucky Tee has removable leg straps- def makes it one of the coolest things in the store. You can wear the leg bands with anything you want, or with the shirt over black skinny jeans or bare legs and thigh highs.

The straps attach at the front and the back of the shirt to give it a harness-inspired feel, and to make sure they are always levelled around your legs- no matter how fast your victim is running away.


I paired this look with white Qozmo Hi YRUs, but these black Qozmo Lowered make a great alternative for a more casual look, especially when it starts to get snowy and slippery outside. They keep your feet off the ground, without being too high up. 

Here are the leg straps from the Bucky Tee paired with Nikki’s Die shirt. The truth hurts.

 Doll Cult

For Voodoo rituals and Ouija board sessions, Nikki’s gotchu covered with this Doll Cult Leader Tee.

We also carry this print in a coloured version cropped top!

Nikki’s Psycho necklace is the perfect finishing touch.

Good girl gone bad blame it on Satan, we still have some items left from our Pink City pop up shop! Check them out in store while theyre still here! This is their Team Rocket long sleeved shirt, my favourite from the collection, with “ROCKET” printed on the back.

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We got a bunch of new sunnies in! These Miao shades are my fave pair, I love everything matte black.

Religion UK is one of my favourite brands we have at the store, this Skeleton Crewneck is one of them. Black on black skeleton embroidery with leather details on the shoulders. 

The perfect orange bag to put all your treats in! These small totes come in four colours for every season.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

- Maija Ahonen

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Photography: Claire Lee

IG: @clairelikesfood


SFX MUA: Mackenzie Alexander

IG: @makeupbykenzi