How You Get so Fly VOL. V

By Trainee

Were drowning in Nikki Lipstick with all the new pieces we have! Her aesthetic, especially on social media and shoots, is super kawaii and cute with a hint of trashy-stripper. From different styles of printed tees, sweaters, accessories and jewellery, her themes are consistent and each of her designs are fun and head-turning. Check out some of my fave prints below from this #DollCult inspired shoot.

Pool Babe

It's reading week, hopefully you're lucky enough to travel but staycations are always nice too. Hit the pool in this Babe Bikini, available in black or white.

Savin no hoes.

The top is a standard triangle bikini, and features adjustable strings on each side of the set's bottoms.

Be a sporty doll in these fuchsia knee-high Socks. They also have added support around the arch and the bottom of the foot.

Let him know how blessed he is in this cute Angel thong, we have many different word prints to choose from to best express yo’self.

I love the typography of this Beat it Creep muscle tank. The font itself is creepy, large, and easy to read, ensuring your point gets across to the man who won't stop staring at you. Of course I had to do a little creepin myself. ;)

The long, open arm holes makes it easy to layer a sports bra or bandeau underneath, or even our Pasties for maximum side-boob! 

Dope Lipstick Killa earrings made by Honey B. Gold are the ultimate girly, flashy accessory which match with literally anything by Nikki, and they're not as heavy as they seem! Also handmade in Los Angeles.


Let him know the truth the easy way, in Nikki’s Bad 4 U boatneck sweater. Great for fall weather and first dates.

He can't say you didn't warn him.

Maybe he’s lazy, disloyal, broke, doesn't shower, lies, or just a general fuccboi- don’t put up with that BS! Show how you really feel in this Dump Him crop top- it also comes in baby blue.

All of Nikki's shirts are one size, taking out the guess work of online shopping.

That bunny had it coming. Sometimes we have to be a little honest with ourselves, don’t let a cute face fool you! Might just be the Devil in disguise!!! Show your bad side in this Not Cute Just Psycho crop tee. (Still cute tho.) 

Carry all your crazy in this Sad Girls club drawstring bag!

“Xanax and chill” with your significant other in Xanax panties. Let go of your troubles and float awayyyyy!

I love her chokers! Especially the heart ones. We have a few colours which are all a little different in terms of style. They are adjustable with snaps, and really vamp up an outfit.

Stop by the store and read all of our Nikki Lipstick prints, you'll fall in love with them and you'll find one that totally speaks to you. Don't forget to check out Nikki's YRU collab!


We just got medtainers! They come in a few colours and store and grind medicinal herb. They are air-tight, smell proof, child proof, and water resistant. Everything a lazy stoner could need all in one product! Printed with 100 Flavours’ logo in leopard.

- Maija Ahonen

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Photography: Claire Lee

IG: @clairelikesfood