How You Get So Fly VOL IV

By Trainee

2 Cool 4 School

It's that time of the year again- days are getting colder and shorter, stores bring out their halloween decorations (stresses me out), and students complain that Summer vacation is ending. Lucky for me, I just graduated. I kind of wish I was still in school so I can procrastinate more with finding a job, or at least have an excuse why i haven't found one yet... I'm just trying to extend my summer as long as possible. Here are some great picks for back to school.

The Last Swim


The first few weeks of school are usually pretty chill, and theres not much time to enjoy the beach and drunk skinny-dipping (I can't be the only one...) This Nikki Lipstick Diet Cute Bikini is perf and makes a great option for travelling during Winter break. I know you're counting down the days.

Don't just be cute, be diet cute. It will get you there faster. 

Carry all your beach tingz in this handmade, reflective pink tote. It shines when the sun hits, making sure all the cute boys on the beach notice you!

First Day of School Fre$h

Hot for teacher? Stay late for extra help in this smart and sexy outfit! Maybe you'll get extra credit ;)

Our handmade neoprene skirt is super comfortable and pairs nicely with many of our graphic crop tops. These Spitfire Waste Farers don't actually help with your sight, they just look really good.

I felt totally Daria about school. Hopefully when you're done you'll have a life, hope, and a future! But for endless studying nights when you're almost ready to give up, this top is totally #currentmood and #madfeels


The Los Angeles Cardigan by Joyrich is great for Fall weather, and is a good staple to have for adding a graphic pop to a basic, simple outfit. Be rebellious and wear nothing underneath for some cleavage, or leave it open to show off your layering.

Late nights at the library.... wish I could forget those days. At least you'll be cozy when your'e face planted into your keyboard. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

We did a collab with Lazy Pants, which are perfect for doing nothing. However, if you're trying to keep up your fitness, the Jenny Leggings make a great choice. No one wants to gain that freshman 15..... don't be lazy as fuck. 

They can be worn high waisted or folded over, so you can wear them with a t-shirt or just a sports bra.

Lazy as Fuck sweater expresses how you really feel. Perfect for couch days complete with blunt.

I don't even think this hat needs an explanation. Be sarcastic and fuck all those other hats. 

"Oops, I Forgot my Gym Shoes"


Untitled&Co's unisex Racing Tee can go from the gym to school real quick. Elastic bands run down both arms, I like pairing it with heels for a less athletic contrast.

These sunnies are made with snakeskin, which adds texture that you would usually find in clothing pieces. Ball out and get some snakeskin loafers to match.

YRU makes edgy, unique shoes that you won't find anywhere else. The Nightcall are super comfy, the platform at the front helps stabilize your walk and makes the pitch a lot less steep, making them surprisingly easy to walk in.

I was never big into sports, and was the type to chill in the Outfield so i wouldn't have to actually play. Go for goalie, why would you want to get dirty?

Keep your hair out of your face with our elastic headband. Wear it over your hair for a hippy, boho vibe, or under for a sporty look.

Good luck with school, I hope you make it to spring break.

Photography by Claire Lee


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