How You Get So Fly VOL III

By Trainee

Street Heat

Whether you're lounging at the Dunbat pool or in your backyard, we have to remember how blessed we are with this weather. Remember February? we have a heat alert. We complain about cold temperatures and even though it gets sweaty and stinky, we should take full advantage cause our days are limited. I love exploring the city in the summer especially hanging out on my friends' rooftops and climbing others'. When you're climbing traitorous walls its important to dress comfortable, but of course you want to remain stylish, you know you have to cop that CN Tower photo for IG, its pretty much Toronto's official insta pic. Here are some outfits that are practical and stylish for all your missions. 


Daily News Project's two-toned Warm-up Shorts  feature a draw string waist and are unisex- they fit a wide range of sizes and fit almost anyone. Top the look off with their Strange Adventures snapback which perfectly describes your situation, and to keep the sun out of your eyes, you don't want to literally be caught slippin that high up.

Pair these shorts with a sports bra and athletic socks to complete the look. 

Athletic gear has always been practical, but not always the sexiest. Now quite a few brands who do not specialize in sports-wear are creating athletic-inspired clothing perfect for summer. We have created a collection inspired by boxer waist-bands and have utilized the material in our Char Bra, similar to our Maija Bra, but with a halter neck.

These Blue Cloud Tie-dye jeans not only fit the theme but are super stretchy and easy to move in. Blue is classic, but the Pink Cloud jeans are also a cute alternative.

If you reach new heights tag us in a photo and show us how you style your parkour-chic attire.

If stairs are easily accessible and there’s not much to climb, a rooftop pre would be a good idea. This is an outfit that can go from spending hours on a rooftop Doug from The Hangover style (but hopefully you'll have sunscreen) to getting scandalous at da club. Remember your boob tape tho.

These tanks were hand dyed in-house and made with extra care and love. Each one is slightly different, so yours will be one of a kind. This racer-back tank can also be paired with a sports bra or a crop top, or tuck it into a pair of high waisted premium denim, the fades and creases from the dye in the jeans are a nice accent to compliment the tie-dyed tank.


During summer, I love wearing big tees with nothing underneath (gotta have the spandex shorts on tho) for an outfit that looks athletic, effortless, and stylish. These two shirts are some of my faves. I love this Skeleton Baseball Jersey by Religion because you can layer underneath it or button it up all the way to wear alone. Its also great to pair with distressed denim to enhance the dark aesthetic behind the top.

Spitfire, a brand of sunglasses from the U.K. has dope shades and a variety of styles to match yours. These circular black and gold sunnies are my favourite pair. They have gold springs on either side and gold hardware grasping the lens.

If you love YRU’s Qozmo Hi but want something more wearable, these Qozmo Lowered are the same style- however the platform heel is shorter making them a little more versatile for everyday wear.

BWOOD is a brand from NYC, and I love them for their double-sided prints, some of their tees also have reflectors. This Mermaid is baring it all and you know We Don’t Love Them Hoes but she’ll try to steal your heart anyway in this tarot card inspired tee.

If you're feeling like a lonely traveler, a rooftop view of the city just might help clear your mind. You need that pool too, obvy. Enjoy the summer while its here, it wont be long before were back in our winter coats.

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Photos by Claire Lee