How You Get So Fly VOL II

By Trainee

The Party & The Afterparty

When its time to hit da club everyone wants to stand out. Even if you're hitting tha A.P. on a more casual note, everyone wants to stunt their originality and show off their personal style. Here are a few outfits that are perf for both occasions.

Vape in style in Montréal brand Atelier Wonder's Rhinestone Cigarette Dress. Embellished with a cigarette pattern, cause smoking is cool! Just kidding, you should just enjoy the cigarettes on this dress as they sparkle under the club district lights.

The structure of this dress is simple yet edgy, and can be worn all year long. Looks great in the winter with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath.

The most blessed part about this dress is that the cigarette pattern is also on the back!

These Emmy Earrings by Suzywan DELUXE are super cute and chic and complete any LBD.

Our PVC Murphy Crop Top will not go un-noticed at an after-party, and is also great for layering with long sleeves. I paired it with our Tokyo 2 Compton bodysuit and YRU's The Dream mesh heels.

Even when you're dying RN and it's time to call an über, you'll still look the most fab, even if you puke, its easy to wipe off! Mess free and v after-party friendly, just don't keep disappearing to the bathroom- you'll want everyone to see your exclusive, handmade, Untitled&Co top.

Whether you're heading back to ya mans house at the end of a blurry night, or you scooped one up on the way, you'll hope he gives you something more comfortable to wear such as our Bucky Tee on your walk home/walk of shame/walk of fame.

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Photos by: Claire Lee